Tradução de "In the torn up town"

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Olá, estava escutando a música chamada "Royal" da cantora Lorde, e
essa frase aparece na música. Não consigo traduzir. Alguém me ajuda, please.
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I think it´s a figure of speech, as if the city has been tore up.
A city with debris after taking a beating from a hurricane.

So, in the song I think it means a city in decline. As Lorde talks about her adress, chances are that she is talking about her neighbourhood (in the music, of course). Hence, a neighbourhood of underprivileged people, with will kept streets, deteriorated schools, shabby rundown buildings, no or almost no employment etc.
Certainly, that´s why Lorde "is not proud of her/his adress"

Busted Boardwalk & Overview of torn up inlet area ---->> ... alarge.jpg

discussion about the song (in the comments).