Trying out a web 2.0 tool

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You can send multiple large files to multiple recipients. is my test. I uploaded my remake of the podcast that Alessandro and I did 100% in English because the audio recorded thorugh skype from aamerica to Brazil was of poor quality.

I also uploaded the transcript. Please listen, if you have time, and tell me if you can understand me better in this version of the podcast than in the previous version that was published.

Isa Mara Lando é uma referência entre os profissionais de tradução. Ela já traduziu mais de 100 livros, entre eles estão obras de autores aclamados, como: George Orwell, Salman Rushdie e Walter Isaacson (a biografia de Einstein). Nesta aula gratuita, Isa dá várias dicas de vocabulário. ACESSAR AULA
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Hi Mary

Yes it is much better. I'd suggest Alessandro to replace the original file in the blog with this one.
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Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad it is more understandable.