Unsafe x Insecure

Hey, guys, good evening! I'd like to know about the differences between "unsafe" and" insecure". For example: I feel unsafe / I feel insecure.

Is there any difference between these two phrases above? It just crossed my mind and I would like to know about it.
Thank you in advance.

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Yes there's a difference. If you feel unsafe it means you could potentially be in danger, it's the opposite of feeling like nothing can hurt you or do you any harm. Feeling insecure is more about uncertainty, it has to do with not feeling confident about the situation you're in. I'll give you two examples so you can have a better idea from the context:

I feel unsafe in this city, there's too much crime.
I feel insecure about my nose. I wish I could afford plastic surgery.

There could also be some interchangeability between both of them, more so with insecurity expressing a similar feeling as unsafeness than the other way around, though. If you use the examples I gave you, you could say that you feel insecure living in a city because of the crime rate, but you can't say that you feel unsafe about your nose or anything related to doubt and uncertainty when it comes to insecurity, it doesn't make as much sense.
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