What do I do from now on?

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Hey guys, how's it going?

I've been studying English very hard for a year now, totally by myself. I'm very confident, each passing day I feel closer and closer to my goal which is to speak English effortlessly and confidently.
What I did until now is very simple, I just read and listened a lot REPEATEDLY. (Slow and deeply) By watching movies, series, radio stations and so forth.
Since repeating things are kind of boring AND my current English level is enough to understand the whole situation without looking up every single word, my question is: Should I stick with my old 'methodology' or take another step and watch things just once??
I'm sure I would guess many words by context as well as miss many others this way.

What are your opinion on that, guys?
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Pelo que você disse, entendo que sua base de inglês está sólida. Acredito que agora duas coisas seriam interessantes para se fazer:

1 - Leia um livro, de preferência um livro empolgante. Livros do Dan Brown são bons.
2 - Estude um livro (livro de papel) de gramática do meio pra frente (provavelmente você já vai saber os capítulos iniciais). Estudar gramática nessa fase em você está ajuda a "polir" o seu conhecimento. Você não precisa decorar nada, apenas leia, entenda e resolva os exercícios.
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One can see that your English is going from strength to strength with every passing day.
Now, that you know (and we too, LOL) how to say to the driver that you dozed off most of the traveling time, from Mostardas to Rio Grande. Do you remember that question of yours? ;)
While on Sypher´s advice, I would recommend the book "Gramática Inglesa - Inglês sem Mistério, by Phyllis Dutwin (Alta Books Editora). It´s good for anyone that wants to polish his/her grammar.
It´s very good to read in English, some novels are good, one just have to find his prefered author and style.

Your question left an impression of "now what?", don´t know wether you are experiencing some kind of "learning plateau" (and you feel thirsty for more intellectually challenging things); or you are in need of focusing your English studies towards something. Elaborating the latter more...I mean, maybe you had a goal (or should have), many people want to know "everything" of English, indeed what they want is to go to Disney. Others would need English to use in their job, so why to know everything about slang? Things like that.

On the listening thing, along with the speaking, now you can put it to use, talking to some native or someone that you know that speaks good English.

Finally, I must congratulate your on your achievement. ;)
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First of all, thank you both for such great advice !

PPAULO, you made me laugh out loud! I do remember haha lol

Well, about my goal, I wouldn't say I have a specific one, I'm just in love with the English language and studying isn't like a chore for me at all ! I decided one year ago that I want to achieve a high level in my second language. It makes me really happy to see how much I have improved within a year ! Reading such wonderful words from you gets me even more encouraged! By the way, I have learned a lot from you! :D

Regarding the plateau, it is really needed. Sometimes we feel like we haven't been learning anything new and then 'boom', all of a sudden we improve quite a lot.

Cheers buddy!
Do not forget I will be around during my second year learning a lot from you! :D
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Well, glad to learn that you are raring to go.
Perhaps, word "...kinda of boring" in your message derailed my train of thought, and then I made my biased educated guess, I am afraid.
Anyway your interactivity is a good sign of improvement, this way one can see your progress and you can see reinforce your strenghts and correct your weaknesses. Interacting seems like being your forte from start, be it with the bus driver, listening some English, or watching these movies and podcasts, all that jazz!
Ah, while at it, I think you can watch things at once, since you do understand it. So, if feel you understood, say, 85-90 % of what is said (or the meaning conveyed by the situation, the background, et cetera...).
On the other hand, you might or might not be in the mood to watch something once, twice, three times, it depends of how much fun you are having, the availability of time, wether or not you need to know every bit of information (watching or reading some academical work is different of doing that just for fun).
And other variables as well.

Now, you shall take in account that this is solely my opinion; so, not a view of a professional but just that of a laymen, and a student just like you. Comments of the Experts and more advanced learners certainly are to come.
Personally I genuinely think you are in the right patch, to me interest and fun are the essence. As the proverb goes, "where´s there a will there´s a way".