What do you like to do in your free time?

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I like stay at my home, I like play games, I like talking with my friends, I like watching ''The vampire Diaries'' on MTV
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Well, I like to write in English, because that helps me very much.

So true! the same happens to me.
Ah, this little correction is just a well-meaning one, intend to help. Please don´t think of it as a criticism of sorts. Friends? ;) then high five me bro!
I like to ride my bike.
Hum .... In my free time I like to do a lot of things, read books, listen to music, stay at home watching movies. But I LOVE learn another language, more difficult better
Hello Favia!!!

In this crazy city like São Paulo, is not easy have free time, but some times I have.

Like to cook with my daughter, listing music and drink beer.
Like watch movies, read some articles.
Go to shopping with my family.
Not always, but some times I like study too.
I don't have much free time, but sometimes i have.

I live in Florianópolis, so I like to go for beach!
I really like to stay at home in my free time! Because my days are very turbulent. So, sometimes when I have a free time, I stay at home and sleep a lot then I wake up e watch some movies and eat popcorn. I like to do theses things without right time! That's it ;D
I like to watch the news on tv.
I like read historical books
I like dance and speak with my family.
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Hey, guys!
Well, in my free time, I lke to study chemistry, for me, it's wonderful!
I also like to look my social networks and simply do nothing! Relaxing is always important, for body and mind...
I have two cute puppies, and I always spend some time with them, they're the most important friends for me, and they make me feel so good.
I don´t like too much to go out with friends, I am a homebody girl.