What do you like to do in your free time?

Hang out with my boyfriend and our daughter at the park...watch movies...read a good book this kind of stuff ;)
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I like to watching movies.
Well, in my free times I try take care of me. I do things that make-me feel good, like, to listen my favorite band/singer, watch movies and series, to organize my appartament and my bedroom. But I also like to out with my friends for to drink beer, to dance and fun.
I like to play soccer in my free times. I also like to out with my friends and enjoy a the party ...
In my free time I like to study english, and watch videos about it. Sometimes I see my socials.. But rarely.
In my free time I prefer go out! But, if I ´am tired I prefer stay home and sleep
listen to music, surf the internet, study or simply do nothing...
I like to go to the farm and ride my horse, sometimes I've fallen of it, but even after this I still loving my horse! I like so much the life on farm, and if I haven't to work on city, I'll live there....
I like to watch series like The big bang theory and the following. I also like to watch good movies, and my preferences are Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime and Action. Well I enjoy studying English, so I also study English in my free times. But one thing that I love to do is go to the church, because I feel very good on there, because I'm feel closerof God, and after I go out with my friends... Well I don't have specifically things to do in my free time , because I always change my routine.
I love to watch series .I like listen to music and I also like study English.
I like to play games, watch movies and my favourite series and study english.
I like to stay with my family and go out with my wife. We'll go to the church at Sundays but when i go to work, because i work from times to times. So, i like to play sports, but i'm not in good shape now. I watch tv, movies and series. Oh, i can't forget that i like so much to study english. Well, that's all!
I like to listen to music.
I like to watch comedy videos, movies, series... I also like cycling and other things :)
I like to go out with my friends,listen music and travel.
Well, I get bored very easily, so I'm always trying to entertain myself. I like to surf in the net, I like to read, listen to good music, I like to go out and do some exercises. I live to do everything that makes me more entertained.
I like to surf the internet and watching TV.
In my free time I like to read, go to the movies, work out, watch tv shows...
I like to stay at home most of the time. But once in a while having fun patying higher than a Georgia pine tree is very good too. :P
I like to drink beer... to eat an appetizers.. barbecue.. etc
I like walking on the beach.
I like to listen to music, talk my friends and Play the League of Legends !
I like go out with my family, after my baby was born I passed to enjoy more and more the free time with them.
I try to study english listening music or some podcast while I'm resting, other thing that I like is to play soccer with friends when is possible.
If I can I would like to travel a lot but now is complicated.
Who knows later.
I like to spend my free time reading books. I'm really addicted to books. I also like to listen and sing songs, nothing professional, but it makes me feel relax.
I like to read a good book, write and study.
I like to stay at home, drink a glass of wine and watch tv.
I like to watching tv series and read. I always try to learn something new. I've been study for the ETEC So in this days I just study all day long
I like to see movies and TV serials.

I've watched Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Unforgettable, Castle 2009 and others...
I like either to watch tv series or browse on the internet.
I like to navigate in internet during my free time and I lives in rome, italy and I come here to learn italian.
In my free time I like to play Battlefield 3, Dota 2 and other games for pc. I read some book too, lately I read "Wild Cards" - wrote by George Martin and others writers