What do you like to do in your free time?

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Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94
Question: What do you like to do in your free time?


- I like to practice sports;
- I like to get out with my friends;
- I like to study English;
- I like to just stay at home and rest as much as I can;
- etc...

Now it's your turn!
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262 respostas
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Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
All of the above, plus girlwatching. I used to have a flair for car-leaning (randomly resting one's body on somebody else's car fender or any other part of the car) but gave up after some time.

RenanKenplers 80 3
I have been doing some interesting things these times. When I am free, at work for example, I just type in my browse https://www.englishexperts.com.br to see what's happening here until my boss come to my desk and bring me some harsh tasks to do. When I am at home I always listen to some podcasts to practice my listening comprehension. But I only used to do this after dedicating into studying English seriously. Before that, I just used to play volleyball all the times, fooling around at the club, or shopping shoes, which I am kind of addicted.

Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94

It is highly recommended that you study less. Look what happened to *some people* who study too much: problema-estranho-acontendo-comigo-depo ... t6604.html

josneywat 315 6
'Free' time? I guess it's a matter of freedom. I have no freedom in this world. So that question remains answered. I will be free as long as my mind doesn't act as a prison.

Gabi 800 1 1 15
Regarding to what's been said by Flá, I believe that our problem remains rs..

What I like to do is listen to music while I do something like a scrapbook or reading.
And I like cooking. But only if I've got time to do it. Because it's great to cook listening to music and
drinking some juice rs...yeah, things like that make me feel great.

Concerning to Renan's post , the detail about shopping shoes. I guess that you buy them at Metropole's rsrs....
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RenanKenplers 80 3

Flavia, good recommendation, I am going to post something there later, check it out. Back to the subject, I really have been studying a lot, it is becoming an addiction, in a higher degree when compared to the 3 past months. I am perfectionist and I do not like getting regular/normal grades in my course. As a consequence, I noticed my english is coming along very quickly and it is fullfilling to me. I really don't think it is becoming an aggro. Gabi, and metropole sucks! I would rather buying them at ibirapuera's shopping, there is a greater variety there :P But metropole can be of any help when I am starving.

Any road, I do my best to improve my english.


Erick Colbert Lisboa
In my free time, i always like to pratice sports, such as bodyboarding, when has waves, or when has not, i swim and run on the beach. And of course, stay the maximum time possible with my love =]

Well thats it, that was my first participation here. Bye.

Eveline Cintra
Well, I love listening to songs, play with my dogs and just relax in my sofa! It´s so good to be home and think about life, family and planns to my future. I also enjoy praying and thank my Lord for everything that he´s provided me. I think
that´s it ! One last thing, I love being here in my free time because I can read the context here with no hurry !
I hope it helps somebody rss.
See ya !

I love books. I like reading. In my free time I read, I go out with my friends, watch movies and serials.
But, I have left to dance.

Guilherme Reis
Well..I used to spend my "free time" studying english, reading some articles on Internet and watching TV. I usually play basketball on weekends with my friends. It's improve my physical fitness. I get in shape too..
Of couse, at night I drink some beers...

maryziller 355 1 1
I like reading and collaborating online to create an English course. I like cooking with my husband and dining out. I like bike riding along rivers, composing poetry, and making powerpoints, worksheets, and videos using web 2.0 tools like anmoto and xtranormal.

This is an animoto video I created about my friends who worked on designing the course which has yet to launch.

Gustavo Dias 25
I like to do a several things, like:
- Study English
- Surf on the internet
- Play with my puppy
- Ride by bicycle at 6 o'clock p.m.
- Or other things

I love studying english and Playing on the computer. Sometimes, I go out with my friends and my boyfriend. Every Sunday I go to my aunt's house with my mother. I like reading spiritual books. And Every Tuesday I go to church. ;)

Dani Nakashima
I like to read books, watch movies, go out with my friends...

I like to do nothing , go out with my friends , watch movies all day , cleaning my car , eat a lot , and rest a lot , when I ´m dating , I prefer to do it of course ! But isn´t the case rsr

mili 45
I like to watch all day long. Sometimes I go for a ride / walk, but most the time I watch soup operas, the doctors and movies, of course.

What I really like to do is go for a ride, but I cant afford that much gas, so I better go for a walk instead ...hahahaha

Eduardo Souza
Nowadays, I'm always trying improve my English, because left few days to I traveling to broad.

When I have a free time I would rather stay with my family we go out or stay in home and see a move .
On saturdays I always go to rehearsal of my band because it's my favorite 'Hobby.
On sundays morning I go to the church, at nonn I have special lunch with my family, sometimes my parents comes in my home and we have a lunch together. ;)

danilorpo 5
When I'm in my free time, I usually read a good book (in English), watch a good movie. I go out have dinner, I go to my parents' house. I take a nap and I spend some time here at EE forum and blog.

I like to play guitar.

w.slayman 110
Bacca escreveu:I like to play guitar.

While your reply is correct, I would prefer to use the definate article "the" so the sentence would read "I like to play the guitar."

I love listernng music, I love reading books too, but, I love go out for visit museums, bookstores, I love go out to dance. anyways, I love many things.

w.slayman 110
jeffsilva escreveu:I love listernng music, I love reading books too, but, I love go out for visit museums, bookstores, I love go out to dance. anyways, I love many things.

With your permission I would like to suggest several changes as shown in this rewrite. "In my free time I love to: listen to music, read books, visit museums, dance, and do many other things."

The use of the colon (:) allows the use of a list as shown above. It is misunderstood and misused by many native English speakers, so if you can master its use you will be one item ahead of many Americans. ;)

aeduardo 10 1
Tip very useful Slayman.

In my free time, I like study science and technology mainly as: chemistry, physics, computer science, math and all that one needs use the brain.

Please dear Slayman, comments my last sentence.

aeduardo 10 1
I commited two mistakes in last sentence, the correct is using the verb like this: 'using' or 'to use' and the other is 'I like to study'.

w.slayman 110

First please call me Bill, it is my nickname. Then try this rewrite of your sentence.

"In my free time, I like to study science and technology, mainly: chemistry, physics, computer science, math and all disciplines where one must use his brain." Your corrections were right on, but you need a subject (disciplines or subjects etc.) to clarify what you are using your brain on.

Over all, with the corrections, very good use of vocabulary, construction and grammar.

aeduardo 10 1
I thought about it, I tried to use the word 'one' in that case. Thanks Bill.

Ester 10
I like to get ou with my daughter and my like husband

w.slayman 110
Ester escreveu:I like to get ou with my daughter and my like husband

In my opinion the proper phrasing for what you are trying to say would be. "I like to go out with my daughter and husband."

I think your meaning was very clear, but the proper verb is go, and my like is not necessary, some very minor changes and I assume that ou was a typo for out.

Please keep trying and practicing and English will become easier.

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