What do you like to do in your free time?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90
Question: What do you like to do in your free time?


- I like to practice sports;
- I like to get out with my friends;
- I like to study English;
- I like to just stay at home and rest as much as I can;
- etc...

Now it's your turn!
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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
All of the above, plus girlwatching. I used to have a flair for car-leaning (randomly resting one's body on somebody else's car fender or any other part of the car) but gave up after some time.

Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 70 2
I have been doing some interesting things these times. When I am free, at work for example, I just type in my browse https://www.englishexperts.com.br to see what's happening here until my boss come to my desk and bring me some harsh tasks to do. When I am at home I always listen to some podcasts to practice my listening comprehension. But I only used to do this after dedicating into studying English seriously. Before that, I just used to play volleyball all the times, fooling around at the club, or shopping shoes, which I am kind of addicted.

Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90

It is highly recommended that you study less. Look what happened to *some people* who study too much: problema-estranho-acontendo-comigo-depo ... t6604.html

Avatar do usuário josneywat 310 6
'Free' time? I guess it's a matter of freedom. I have no freedom in this world. So that question remains answered. I will be free as long as my mind doesn't act as a prison.

Avatar do usuário Gabi 785 1 1 15
Regarding to what's been said by Flá, I believe that our problem remains rs..

What I like to do is listen to music while I do something like a scrapbook or reading.
And I like cooking. But only if I've got time to do it. Because it's great to cook listening to music and
drinking some juice rs...yeah, things like that make me feel great.

Concerning to Renan's post , the detail about shopping shoes. I guess that you buy them at Metropole's rsrs....

Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 70 2

Flavia, good recommendation, I am going to post something there later, check it out. Back to the subject, I really have been studying a lot, it is becoming an addiction, in a higher degree when compared to the 3 past months. I am perfectionist and I do not like getting regular/normal grades in my course. As a consequence, I noticed my english is coming along very quickly and it is fullfilling to me. I really don't think it is becoming an aggro. Gabi, and metropole sucks! I would rather buying them at ibirapuera's shopping, there is a greater variety there :P But metropole can be of any help when I am starving.

Any road, I do my best to improve my english.


In my free time, i always like to pratice sports, such as bodyboarding, when has waves, or when has not, i swim and run on the beach. And of course, stay the maximum time possible with my love =]

Well thats it, that was my first participation here. Bye.

Well, I love listening to songs, play with my dogs and just relax in my sofa! It´s so good to be home and think about life, family and planns to my future. I also enjoy praying and thank my Lord for everything that he´s provided me. I think
that´s it ! One last thing, I love being here in my free time because I can read the context here with no hurry !
I hope it helps somebody rss.
See ya !
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I love books. I like reading. In my free time I read, I go out with my friends, watch movies and serials.
But, I have left to dance.