Where and rare tem a mesma pronúncia?

Impressão minha ou where and rare tem a mesma pronúncia?

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Not at all. Certainly you are mistaking the phonetic simbology with the pronounce itself.

word - phonetic simbology
where - [hwair, wair]
rare - [rair]


Notice that in "rair" the first "r" (they say /r/, is the phonetic for the "r-sound" in English as in the word "red" (as in the song "Lady in Red - remember?).
http://testyyettrying.blogspot.com.br/2 ... opics.html

To vowel sounds, only to get acquainted with some notions, like long vowels, etc. (anyway, it´s just an aside, this is not the point in case here. Just for your information.)

See the example of the voicing of the word "rare" at the 0:58 (58", or 58 seconds, if you wish.) in the following video.
At the moment the guy say "the men like him is very rare" (you can see that it can´t be mistaken for where that has a /w/ sound (I mean, with the "uére", as basic learner of English from Brazil would put it.)


I hope it helps. ;)
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I really can't see (listen) the difference
they both have the "w" sound at the beginning
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Hi milena medeiros,

Ratificando o que o PPaulo disse,

Totally different! 8-)
A great way to practice pronuntiation is with listening.
You can use online dictionaries to practice single words, if you know some simbology it helps a lot.

Look and see :lol:
where-oxford dictionary
rare-oxford dictionary

Taking advantage of PPaulo's example where and rare are different the same way Red and wed.
Simply that!

Maybe different accents are good to identify differences: AmE, BrE, Aus, ... In the Oxford Dictionary you have always British and American English pronuntiations.


Fraze.it recently added a great search tool for audio.

Here's **23** videos in which someone says both "rare" and "where" in the same sentence!!!