Why do people lie?

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Question: Why do people lie?


- Some people say that sometimes you are obliged to lie, that occasional lies don't hurt anybody and are more convenient than telling some kind of truths.
- I myself don't like to lie, and I believe that no one can say he was forced to lie, no matter what the circumstances are. Everything is a matter of choice.

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Good question...
Well, lately I've not been lain but I've been changed the subject a lot...

Sometimes, when you don't have intimacy with someone..., I think..., you don't need to lie but you don't need to be so "realistic" or true!!
Avatar do usuário Logan18 20
Flávia for God sakes! hauahuah

I don't like that kind of liar people, specially because when you care about to someone you can't lie, you must say all truth. Sometimes we have to lie to people, but it's not a good thing to do, at least i wouldn't like to hear people lying to me.

That's a worse question to explain or discuss about, most of people have a cause or reason to lie... Sometimes that's cause is acceptable, in other hand, it shouldn't become part of the routine of a person...

*We mustn't lie in any circumstances.

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
Take politicians. They lie most of the time. Still, we go vote for them.

In no way should we tell other people lies. I can't think of partial truths nor partial lies. You either tell the truth or shut up.
Avatar do usuário mili 30
There is not one of us that could say in all honesty, that we havent lied on several occasions. Most of us lie when we are afraid of what would happen if we tell the truth.
studies reveal that most of us have not told the truth in one-fourth of our daily interactions with others, usually to spare ourselves or someone else humiliation. For example, if someone asks a casual acquaintance if a certain dress looks good, that person will more than likely say something good even if that person doesnt like the dress.

Well particularly I have lied about small things like: I have a headache, I am tired, etc. I have said things like that just to avoid going out with some friends and others lies about who I was with...

I try to believe that if I have said the truth about not having a headche or whatever my friends would have hated me to not keep my promises. For example I promised to go out / hang out with them and then I thought oh what I am doing? I dont wanna go / do ... so sometimes a small lie, if that doesnt hurt anyone, is necessary.

So to answer the question I would say sometimes we lie to avoid some kind of negative reactions. For example I have a friend and he is bi sexual so he lies to his parent saying that he is straight, but his close friends all know that he likes both sex. So what to say about that? Sometimes we lie because we have to.

I use to say that there lots of me. Sometimes I am just a hard-worker, sometimes I am just a good student, sometimes I am just a good friend, but sometimes I am lazy in opposite to hard-worker, sometimes I am a bad student and sometimes when I am with my friends I am just the real me. The one who likes crap music, beer and being around friends. So I wouldnt say to a well-educated person that I dont have the acquaited taste to music. Of course sometimes I really listen to good music, but most the time I listen to crap like lady gaga and I like it. So I wouldnt revel my bad taste to a well-educated person. I would show that person the other side of me and that would be like lying to that person, because the real me loves crap music 80% the time.

Ps.:I dont have time to reread it now, so forgive me the mistakes....

see you all around
Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 55 1
I believe we're not perfect, so it's just a tiny consequence. But when it comes to an addiction, I really don't know why such individuals do that. It's intriguing, isn't it? Maybe because (in this case) they want to pretend to be someone they're not or afraid of being frowned upon by a particular group of people in which these individuals want to join in, beats me.
Sometimes people lie because feel afraid of something happen if to say the true. I guess!
I think we lie sometimes because we want to be polite, and sometimes we lie because we wanna hide the truth. I guess that it's no matter with you say a lie just to be polite, for example, sometimes you won't say that somebody is fat, if it asks you. There are a good example that how would be a person who just say the truth... It's a Tv Program, O Super sincero.
See you! :)
Avatar do usuário Aline 60 1
Maybe because they are afraid to face the truth, or they wish the lie become true.

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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
leonardopuhl escreveu:[...] you won't say that somebody is fat, if it asks you [...]

Hello. You might have used a he personal pronoun or a she personal pronoun here, if you so desired. You use an it personal pronoun to refer to things, abstractions or animals.

Educated speaker groups usually consider using the word "it" in English to refer to a person extremely derogatory. So don't use it to refer to a person. Or to Ears, the neighbor's most cherished dog.

I suggest, "if they ask you..."
[...] There are a good example[...]

If you refer to an only example, you might consider using a There is construction here. Like this:

"There is a good example..."

If you refer to more than one example, then you might consider using a There are construction here. Like this:

"There are good examples..."

Note that for things plural we drop the "a."