William Golding gets a parking ticket

Henry Cunha 3 18 190
Muitos de vocês conhecem William Golding, o autor de Lord of the Flies. Ele eventualmente ganhou o premio Nobel de literatura. Concluiu assim o seu discurso na época, relatando um acontecimento de quando ficou sabendo que havia sido premiado :

"The very day after I learned that I was the laureate for literature for 1983 I drove into a country town and parked my car where I should not. I only left the car for a few minutes but when I came back there was a ticket taped to the window. A traffic warden, a lady of a minatory aspect, stood by the car. She pointed to a notice on the wall. "Can't you read?" she said. Sheepishly I got into my car and drove very slowly round the corner. There on the pavement I saw two county policemen.

I stopped opposite them and took my parking ticket out of its plastic envelope. They crossed to me. I asked if, as I had pressing business, I could go straight to the Town Hall and pay my fine on the spot. "No, sir," said the senior policeman, "I'm afraid you can't do that." He smiled the fond smile that such policemen reserve for those people who are clearly harmless if a bit silly. He indicated a rectangle on the ticket that had the words 'name and address of sender' printed above it. "You should write your name and address in that place," he said. "You make out a cheque for ten pounds, making it payable to the Clerk to the Justices at this address written here. Then you write the same address on the outside of the envelope, stick a sixteen penny stamp in the top right hand corner of the envelope, then post it. And may we congratulate you on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature."

O discurso completo, com audio, se acha em http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/ ... cture.html. É um discurso notável.

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Henry, I take it you want a translation into Portuguese for "gets a parking ticket"?

If this is the case, you may say: ("pegar multa (de transito), which means "got fined".

a big hug

Telma Regina 9 65 608
Rick, forgive me for being intrusive, but I just want to give you a tip.
Please, don't ever write "a big hug" to someone you don't personally know, specially another man (I think you haven't met Henry). In Portuguese, it's ok to do it but not in English. You can write "regards" or "best regards, for example.
All the best to you
Henry Cunha 3 18 190
Hi Rick,
No, I just thought it hilarious that a Nobel laureate in literature would have a parking officer ask him if he couldn't read...
My thanks go to:

a) Telma: much obliged for your remark. You´re quite right. Just a silly habit acquired during my long stay here.

b) Henry: I see your point. It´s just hilarious like you say. It´s nice to be dealing with someone with a good sense of humor.