Writing compositions

Hello! I study English in a Language school and here too... I'm learning yet... I have problems to write compositions... I want help with it!! Can anyone help me, please! Give me tips to write perfect compositions!!
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No sure-fire formula for that BUT you might consider checking out the following URL.

https://www.englishexperts.com.br/busca/ ... 2Fforum%2F

Once you get there, scroll down for and right-click on the links containing the word wiriting. You will most likely find the information you want there.

Basic rule of thumb: Keep your sentences short and simple. "Long, convoluted sentences," says this writing style website, "which may read very nicely in print (such as this one), will often seem forbidding on screen. They can distract your readers from their primary goal of finding information." --meaning a guy may soon get bored, quit reading, and close the book, turning on the TV as he does so.