Addressing American People

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I was searching some tips on internet and found the following:
Addressing American People
•Use last names with people you do not know: Address people using their title (Mr, Ms, Dr) and their last names.

•Always use "Ms" when addressing women: It is important to use "Ms" when addressing a woman. Only use "Mrs" when the woman has asked you to do so!

•Many Americans prefer first names: Americans often prefer using first names, even when dealing with people in very different positions. Americans will generally say, "Call me Tom." and then expect you to remain on a first name basis.

•Americans prefer informal: In general, Americans prefer informal greetings and using first names or nicknames when speaking with colleagues and acquaintances.

I hope it may be helpful in some way.
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Olá Felipe

Gosto desse assunto. Tenho dois links a respeito, vale a pena ler: ... in-english
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Dear Flavia,

Thanks for your tips!

Best Regards,

Felipe Haag