Big Hug x Large Hug: Qual é o correto?

Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
1. Which is correct?
2. Can it be in the plural?

Let us know what you think.
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Daniel.S 705 1 2 7
As far as I remember most of my co-workers who were native speakers of English used to say big hug though sometimes I remember hearing them saying huge hug and kiss.

isn't it one of those uncountable nouns?

dlr 85
big hug, but keep in mind that we don't usually say 'big hug' as a farewell like in portuguese
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
dlr escreveu:big hug, but keep in mind that we don't usually say 'big hug' as a farewell like in portuguese
A very good comment about usage. So when do you use it? What would you use in place of "abraço" in Portuguese?
dlr 85
For example:

então a gente se fala amanhã

ok, we'll talk tomorrow
*see ya/you
*see ya/you later

I suppose you could use "hugs" or "hugs and kisses" as an affectionate goodbye, maybe for a close friend (of the opposite sex) that you haven't seen in a while, or a family member.
Henry Cunha 10210 3 16 182
This gives a new appreciation to the non-physiologic nature of the common English statement "I look forward to being in touch again." There is no real "touching" implied, or to be inferred...

We use "a big hug for you" usually for children we know, or from children writing to other children or relatives, etc. As Dir said, it's something reserved for close friendships or personal relationships.

You can also say "a huge hug," but not "a large hug." Just call it idiomatic, that's all.

All the best.
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