Clever x Smart x Intelligent: Qual a diferença

Hello,people.I´d like to know the diference between "clever" , "smart", and "inteligent".
If I say : "Boy,he is really intelligent or /clever or/intelligent!!" Which one is more appropriate in such sentence? Or they´re
all "sinônimos"?
Big hug
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Olá Princess Polly...
tentando te ajudar...

CLEAVER e nao "clever" significa - sagaz, esperta e seus sinônimos...
SMART - simpática, agradável...
INTELLIGENTE é a única palavra que tem o mesmo significado que a nossa INTELIGENTE!

boa sorte!!! :)
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Me desculpem queridos leitores se meu português não seja bom. Pois a mensagem foi escrito em português, tento também escrever em português para o leitor entender caso ele ou ela é iniciante em inglês.

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1Ainda que eu falasse as línguas dos homens e dos anjos, e não tivesse amor, seria como o metal que soa ou como o címbalo que retine.

1If I speak in the tongues[a] of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

Drii Guizillini escreveu:CLEAVER e nao "clever" significa - sagaz, esperta e seus sinônimos...

Queridos leitores, acho que "clever" foi certo. "Cleaver" significa "cutelo."
Imagem pela definição.
Drii Guizillini escreveu:
SMART - simpática, agradável...

Queridos leitores acho assim: "Smart" tem muitos definições, mas acho que nos EUA não é sinônimo de "agradável", que significa "likeable," "congenial," "simpatico," "nice," "lovely" (fonte: pelo menos na minha opinão.

Drii Guizillini escreveu:INTELLIGENTE é a única palavra que tem o mesmo significado que a nossa INTELIGENTE!

Ohlam só caros leitores: nos EUA "smart" tembém tem o mesmo significação de "intelligente" em português.

Sinônimos de "intelligent" = able, acute, alert, alive, all there, apt, astute, brainy*, bright, brilliant, calculating, capable, clever, comprehending, creative, deep*, discerning, enlightened, exceptional, highbrow*, imaginative, ingenious, instructed, inventive, keen, knowing, knowledgeable, original, penetrating, perceptive, perspicacious, profound, quick, quick-witted, rational, ready, reasonable, resourceful, responsible, sage, sharp, smart, thinking, together*, understanding, well-informed, whiz*, wise, witty (fonte: cites a philosophical difference between "smart" and "intelligent," but, one of the comments says, " my opinion, smart and intelligent are ultimately the same."

Where I live, "smart" is the word most people use when talking in daily life about intelligence.

Grandmothers say with pride, my grandson is SO SMART! He can already __ (say "mama"/read/walk at 6 months, etc.)."

We usually don't say he is "so intelligent" unless we are talking with a professional educator. For example a teacher may complain to the parents of an underachieving student, He is very intelligent, but he does not apply himself."

People divide students into categories of "smart" vs. "dumb" in everyday conversation. We would say geeks are smart, for example. Educators and professionals like pediatricians, social workers, psychologists, school counselors categorize people, behaviors and IQ as "intelligent."

"Clever" is more used in Britain possibly in praise such as "What a clever boy/girl!"

But it is not applied where I live very liberally to people, in my experience, but rather to things.
We say, "What a clever idea!" meaning it is an idea with merit and shows ingenuity (resourcefulness, creativity, inventiveness).

The CEO used a clever ruse to cover up questionable financial schemes.
The employee came up with a clever plan that could save the company.
The thesis included many clever insights.
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Ola Princess Polly

Eu acho que os tres são sinônimos.

Tim :D
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Eles ainda usam "dexter" para alguém sabido. :P