Como dizer "aceito namorar você" em inglês

luciene 25 1
Hello my friends,

How can I say in English...

Eu aceito namorar você, para salvar minha amizade com ju e faze-la feliz?(no sentido mais ou menos assim, eu não gosto do cara mas minha amiga quer que namoremos, então para faze-la feliz eu aceitaria).

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Donay Mendonça 63655 22 99 1546
Olá Luciene,

Minha sugestão:

I agree to date you so as to save my friendship with Ju and also please her.

All the best! ;)
Daniel.S 705 1 2 7
eu aceito namorar voce,para salvar minha amizade com ju e faze-la feliz?(

I agree on dating you in order to keep my friendship with ju and make her joyed.

I agree having a steady relationship with you in order to keep my friendship with ju and making her pleased.

Take care,

Teacher Pondé
maryziller 375 1 1
The concept of namorar is confusing to me. When you namorar are you committed to your partner (in a serious relationship), or just testing the waters (going out to see whether you have anything in common and leaving your options open prior to making a commitment)? Does namorar mean to make out (kissing and more) or does it just mean casual dating? I know that namorado/a is translated as boyfriend or girlfriend, but I am not sure how to translate namorando (is it casual dating or serious dating or something else)?

Although over joyed is an adjective still in use, joyed is archaic according to . Joyed is listed as a noun and verb but not as an adjective. The correct adjective is joyful. The expression That will "bring her joy" is also in current use.

"I agree having" is incorrect. Grammatically, it needs to be I "agree TO having"... "going steady" is a common expression in use for a couple that is serious and dating each other exclusivley. The term a steady relationship does not imply dating or romance, it means a stable relationship.

I would say, "I agree to go out with you in order to save my friendship with Ju and make her happy."