Como dizer "Aprender pelo amor ou pela dor" em inglês

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Você provavelmente já ouviu falar do ditado: "na vida há duas formas de aprender: pelo amor ou pela dor". Como dizer isso em inglês?

Português: aprender (ou) pelo amor ou pela dor
Inglês: learn either the easy way or the hard way; *learn either through love or through pain

  1. I'm just saying that God teaches you the lessons He wants you to learn either the easy way or the hard way. [Google Books - USA - Sandra Lea Hardage]
  2. *In life, you learn either through love or through pain.

*Opção menos provável.

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Another way, it´s a bit outdated, and not much used these days, but it works.
By the hook or by the crook.

This guy/politician used it in Trinidad Tobago, and he meant “by any means necessary”.,182889.html

"I will get houses for the people by the hook or by the crook"

Perhaps it meant that it would take pains to others politicos to agree with him in the housing matter, or at least it was what he meant. That is, he meant he would be (or play) the maverick, if it was what it took to get houses to the people.
Thomas 7 62 297

One way or another.

You have to learn French one way or another if you are to remain in Paris.
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Very good! Thomas. Such a pity I spent my vote´s share today. Anyway, a very good answer.