Como dizer "calça de cintura baixa" em inglês

Como se diz em inglês "Ela só veste claça de cintura baixa".

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Low-rise jeans
Low-rise pants

Low-rise jeans, worn by both men and women, are jeans intended to sit low on, or below, the hips.

Low-rise pants are often called hip-huggers because the waist band hits at or just below the hips.

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Cintura alta = high rise pants = high waist pants = high-cut pants.
Cintura baixa = low rise pants = low waist pants = low-cut pants.
Cintura muito baixa = super low rise pants = super low waist pants.

You might want to rethink those fashionably low-waist pants.
Unlike the flattering high-waisted pants of previous generations, “low-rise” pants cup the layer of fat that any woman who eats daily accumulates on her belly and props it up — accentuates it much like a push-up bra accentuates a bosom.
She only wears low-rise pants.
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also "hip-huggers"
timphillips 10
It maybe an old word but hooking onto Thomas contribution
Also "low-cut jeans"