Como dizer "cancela de estacionamento" em inglês

Olá. Gostaria de saber como dizer cancela de estacionamento em Inglês: achei algo tipo *automatic park control* mas achei esse termo too long para ser usado na linguagem do dia a dia. Gate me soa estranho... apesar de aparecer como uma possibility. ;)

Many thanks!

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sandrom 3 11
You can try:

vehicle barrier
boom barrier
gate barrier
or only barrier

In any case you can ommit "automatic".

I´m not sure if "fence" could be used.

I hope it helps.
Winnie 2 19

I didn't know the correct term I just call it "the bar." As in "Put your ticket in the machine and drive through when the bar goes up."

But I did a little search and discovered it's technically called a "barrier gate" and the part that swings up is called the "gate arm"

sources ... oCtsPw_wcB
Dourado 2 24
In South Africa (I don´t know about other countries) it is known as "boom". So, in a toll, you have to wait for the boom before leaving.
You can see many toll roads and highways with their gate-money, similar as the car park with their barriers with the fee barrier or lock bar. But I think that the common use is parking barrier or car park lock bar. :)
Breckenfeld 3 15 127
My suggestion:

Parking lot gate.