Como dizer "creche" em inglês

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daycare - creche

This is my son, Alef. There was a problem with his daycare today.
Este é meu filho, Alef. Houve um problema com a creche dele hoje.
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Suggestion: You can also say daycare centre instead of singly daycare.

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You can differentiate between daycare and a nursery school

Daycare begins from 6 weeks onward and
nursery school is for 3-5 year olds.

Daycare is watching the child, feeding him, letting him play with toys and friends in a safe and caring environment.
Nursery school is all of the above wth the added element of teaching academic concepts (pre-reading and math skills).

Daycare offers some intellectual stimmulation during circle time (show and tell, story hour, sing-a-longs).
Nursery school's focus is school readiness, preparing for entry in school.

Daycare providers are usually not licenced teachers, but may be licenced to offer childcare by the state.
Nursery school teachers usually have a degree in Early Childhood Education and are certified.

Headstart is one public program that has imporved school performance in children by getting them involved academically before kindergarten.

How about in your country? What do working parents do for childcare where you live?
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Day care ou day care center é como se diz cheche em inglês americano. Em inglês britânico, pode-se utilizar crèche.

Exemplos de uso (com as collocations mais comuns):

  • She works at a day care center.
  • Ela trabalha em uma creche.

  • She left work early to pick up her son from day care.
  • Ela saiu do trabalho (mais cedo) para buscar o filho na creche.

  • My son goes to day care every weekday morning.
  • Meu filho vai para a creche todas as manhãs.

  • I drop her off at day care and go to work.
  • Eu deixo ela na creche e vou para o trabalho.

  • I would get up in the morning, take my son to day care, work 8-10 hours, pick up my son and go home.
  • Eu levantava de manhã, levava meu filho para a creche, trabalhava de 8 a 10 horas, buscava meu filho e ia para casa.

Bons estudos.
Nursery (ou child minder, se for a casa de uma pessoa credenciada para isso)