Como dizer "De que é feito" em inglês

Eu quero saber, que estrutura de palavra é utilizada para perguntar do que é feito determinado objeto, ou coisa.


Of what is made this cake? Ou What is made this cake of?

Qual destas estaria correta. Thanks!
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Hallo =)

I'd rather say > "What's this cake made from?"

Take a look > ... ge29.shtml

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I think both are used. At least in this special case:
One can think of a cake as something that changes into something else, then it´s "made from".
But if one thinks about what material the cake is made, it would be "made of". Similar in sense to what someone is thinking when say "the cake is made with" (only that with "made with" is generally used to single out an special ingredient).
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No, not a wedding cheesecake (although that would be delicious too), but rather a wedding cake made of cheese.

My husband, Matt, and I recently got married and for our wedding, we decided to forgo the traditional tiered cake of sugar and flour for one consisting entirely of one of our favorite foods: CHEESE!

"Chocolate cake made with Harvard beets? May sound unusual, but this recipe turns out a moist, delicious cake that retains its freshness. For a striking note, bake the cake in layers and fill with canned cherry pie filling, then finish with snowy cream cheese.

Note: sentences from the internet.