Como dizer "doença (refratária)" em inglês

Uma doença que fica indo e voltando. Nunca cura completamente.

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Eu diria intermittent disease
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Recurrence (of the said illness) if it's the same type of illness that was treated. For instance, some type of cancer that is back, if it's another type that appear/develop than it's a Relapse.

Usually "relapse" is also said of "back pain", for instance, meaning both "slipping back" and "worsening".

There is also the concept of "repeat diseases", could be the case of a disease that 'shows up' at some point in life and comes back in a later phase in life, thus needing attention.
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Yo-yo disease

(...) and we'll build a center of excellence just like oncology has where you can call in and see what your options are. Because today, ALS is a yo-yo disease. You are absolutely on your own. Ref. guides.clarahealth