Como dizer "Doer no bolso" em inglês

Eu gostaria de saber como se diz doer no bolso em inglês, no sentido de que algo é muito caro.

Ex.: Fazer isso dói no bolso.
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Hurts the pocket
When something is priced at a price that you can not afford.
- Can you buy me a rolex?
- Hell nah, that sh*t hurts the pocket.

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And some more instances of the expression:

First we going to hit that clown where it hurts the most.” “And where's that,” Debo asked confused. “We gonna hit his pockets first,” Rell said...
Source: Tears of a Hustler (fiction book).

Let`s Hit Crime Where It Hurts the Most - in the Pocket.
From the site

To "...isso dói no bolso...", it depends, but I can provide an example of it with "isso" being the "speeding" (correr muito/andar em alta velocidade, geralmente maior do que a permitida.):

If you start to drive like a lead foot it'll hit you where it hurts most, the pocket! [get the idea?].

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Para dizer que algo é muito caro, podemos dizer por exemplo:

The price tag is high (we can say in a non-literal way too - the price tag of education there is high.)

The price of food in (name the city) is a little steep OR it´s ridiculously expensive, etc.

Your car dealer charges outrageous prices for things like labor, programming and branded key blanks.

People are so obssessed by brand new cars that they are willing to pay outrageous

And obviously, there are other ways to express that.