Como dizer "é só uma fase..." em inglês

Adriano Japan 2 20
it's just a phase

Perhaps it is just a phase but I miss the days of smiling like an idiot and pointing to things and not being upset when people tried to speak English to me.


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TheBigSpire 1 11 32
Hi everyone,

Poderiam me ajudar com a tradução de fase nos contextos abaixo, por gentileza?

- Ele achava que a fase de morar com seus pais havia terminado, mas os acontecimentos o fizeram repensar.

- É como se aquilo havia sido uma fase e essa fase terminou.
Ricardo F. Bernardi (online) 3 27 425
He thought the phase of living with his parents has been / was over, but the events made him reconsider it.
Ele pensou que a fase de morar com os pais havia acabado, mas os eventos o fizeram repensar.

It is as if that had been a phase and that phase ended.
É como se aquilo havia sido uma fase e essa fase terminou.

Everyone goes through an awkward stage.
Todos passam por uma fase estranha.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
He thought those days of living with parents were over, but (he) had to reconsider his circumstances...(and stay/and hang in there).

It was like it was a season, and that season is finished.
It was like it was a stage of life, and it has passed.
It was like it was a stage of life of which I have passed through.

And other ways, this was just some of them.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
PP, "living with parents" = "parental living".
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Parental living would be more apt to describe the other way around, that is, on the point of view or on their part. So, we say parental rights, parental support, parental living.
Here we are putting ourselves in the shoes of the child. Even when the children leave home, to a certain degree, the parental living isn´t over...!