Como dizer “Estádio coberto” em inglês

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Indoor Stadium

England have played their three games at Dunedin's fine indoor stadium. (
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England has....

Domed stadium (where most US Super Bowls are held - except this past year)

Indoor arena (like Madison Square Garden in New York used for hockey and basketball)

Covered arena

Partially covered arena

The New York Red Bulls, a professional soccer team, play at the Red Bull Arena, which has a partial roof ... ew_Jersey)

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England have… (tá aparecendo uma cobrinha verde sob o “have”)

In American English, collective nouns take singular verbs. In British English, collective nouns are more often treated as plurals that take plural verbs. (

Cobrinha verde: como-dizer-cobrinha-do-word-em-ingles-t40677.html

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To Zumstein

I stand corrected. To my American ears it sounds incorrect, but you are quite right. Collective nouns are treated differently in British English. My apologies to you.