Como dizer "Estou falando sério" em inglês

Como dizer "Estou falando sério" em inglês
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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
Hi folks,

Estou falando sério: "I'm serious!"
  • She's going to live abroad.
  • Come on, she's got three children to look after. I don't believe that.
  • I'm serious! She's already bought the plane ticket.
  • She must be out of her mind!I'm going to call her right now!
See you!
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What about "I mean it"? It's the same, isn't it?
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
Hello Arrum,

Yeah,"I mean it" can also be used in this case. I was trying to "prevent" people saying: "I´m speaking serious", which isn´t so natural among native speakers.

See you. All the best.