Como dizer "Eu não vim ao mundo a passeio" em inglês

Eu não vim ao mundo a passeio.

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And there is another way to convey this idea (close to the above ones), the example comes from a game player:
I have been playing since early 2000, the first Beta version; don't expect to beat me right off the get go, you need ot take time to learn whats going on.

That is, a bit on the self-confidence side, right? Or would be something of a bragging about himself? Take your pick. But what the guy basically states
Is that he "knows his turf, and with such experience under his belt he is virtually unbeatable (or he wants you to believe so - right off the bat)...
So, in a way he expresses "eu não vim ao mundo/a este jogo a passeio" or "eu estou logo dizendo a que venho".
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Well, there are several ways to express that, so I will pick two situational contexts:

One, and perhaps the more usual is the sentence "I am (always) up to a challenge" and another one (close to it) - "I long for a challenge...reading and writing is second nature to me (fighting is second nature to me, I am competitive, see?).

And, then comes the second possibility:
A certain notion of getting somewhere by hard work, that you don´t shirk hard work or effort. So you have what to takes to go for it, you have some "I can do attitude", you work you way up no matter what (and on your own merits).

It became apparent to me that nobody was going to hand me a wad of cash, so since young I worked hard, I wasn´t born with a silver spoon on my mouth. I got out and made a live for myself.
 I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I wasn't ... To get out and make a living for myself I knew I was still basically young then. 

Source: a passage from a book, taken from Google Books.

I am sure that there are other ways to express that (I concede - the second isn´t an expression it´s an explanation of sorts) and others certainly will comment on. My intent was jog some memories, so this goes by way of a kick off.

See you around.
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Two more ways to express that:

Entertainment and pleasure aren´t just what I am on earth for. I have to study, I have to focus on the intellectual challenge, I am a man/a woman on a mission!

Entertainment and pleasure aren´t just what I am on earth for, studying/my career/finishing my assignment, etc... Is my care and worry right now!