Como dizer "falar por falar" em inglês

Olá. Gostaria de saber como se diz " falar por falar", no sentido de falar mas não dar a verdadeira opinião, só por falar mesmo.
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Para expressar a ideia de "falar por falar" em inglês, você tem mais de uma opção comumente utilizada. Observe como fazê-lo a seguir.

I didn't mean it.
Eu falei por falar.

You don't mean it.
Você fala por falar.

He said it just to say it.
Ele falou por falar.

Do site americano Fox News:

The witness, in a rare moment of clarity, explained: “I said it just to say it [eu falei por falar].”

You're just saying it.
Você está falando (isso) por falar.

Do Wordreference - USA:
"Oh, Jane, you're the best employee we have."
'You're just saying that.'= /'You don't mean that.'
We say we are anti-American just for the sake of saying it. Deep down we love the US. [ - Inglês]
Tradução para o contexto da pergunta: Nós falamos que somos anti-americanos (só) por falar. No fundo, no fundo, amamos os EUA.

Bons estudos!

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And also

Just for the sake of speaking
  • Talking about mundane topics just for the sake of speaking, often in a forced manner (e.g., "So the news says it's going to be cold for the next few days.")
  • Saying something in a meeting just for the sake of speaking doesn't add anything productive.
  • This is further confused by the desire of some delegates to speak out just for the sake of speaking or for the sake of justifying their attendance, or for the sake of ...
  • don't ask questions just for the sake of speaking. Be authentic and remain true to your knowledge and yourself.
  • “I feel more conscious of wanting to speak more from my whole body, from my whole being, and not just for the sake of speaking.

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What we used to call confabulating, in business meetings. Done well, it`s an art.

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They don´t say what´s in their minds as in "why don´t girls say what´s in their minds"? :lol: (girls, you may reverse this one if you wish, he he!)

''People don´t like politicians that don´t speak their minds, get beating around the bush.''
''People don´t like someone that is afraid of speaking his mind, that gets hiding behind shallow words.''

In another sense: "she always have a couple thing to say, about everything, but nothing relevant let alone significant"

And in yet another one:
"(I am/was) just saying"

"She just said. She wasn´t trying to change my mind."

Look, Hank, I'm just saying, man...... l suppose that's what your attitude is all about?
Ouça, só estou dizendo que... suponho que a sua atitude deriva daí.
(pode ser um "falei por falar, não estou impondo minha opinião")