Como dizer "Gasolina - Combustível aditivado" em inglês

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Combustível aditivado, gasolina aditivada: premium; premium gas (AmE).

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Is Premium Gas Necessary For Your Car?

With high gasoline prices and many Canadians looking for ways to save money at the gas pump, you might want to check if your car truly needs premium gasoline [gasolina aditivada].

There is a common misconception that premium gas [gasolina aditivada] will help any car due to being a “premium grade” with additional additives and detergents. While quality of gasoline can vary from brand to brand, within a brand often the only difference between regular and premium in octane level. Octane is simply a rating of the gasoline’s ability to resist knocking and pinging in your engine.

The reason that most cars can run on regular, even when premium is recommended, is because newer cars have sensors that detect uncontrolled burning in the engine and will adjust the engine timing accordingly.

If your car is designed for regular fuel [combustível comum], then you would not receive any improvements by using premium.

For the rest of us, choosing regular gas [gasolina comum] can be an excellent way to reduce our transportation spending.



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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Just as an example.

"I filled it with premium gas," said the motorist.

What about "unleaded gas," can we translate it and put it in the same category as the "gasolina aditivada"?
Daniel.S 1 2 7
Hi there!

Para gasolina adulterada / batizada temos:

tainted fuel

quanto a pergunta do márcio:

unleaded gas - gasolina sem chumbro

Apesar da gasolina aditiva não possuir chumbo existem alguns casos como no de hangares e postos de abastecimento de aerovaes que contém chumbo (de acordo com um conhecido meu).


Do you get around town by car or by plane?

Take care,

Henry Cunha 3 18 184
To my knowledge "leaded gas" contained the additive lead, designed to minimize engine knock. So "unleaded gas" is a gasoline without that additive, although it may still contain some other additive. Here in Canada, Shell advertises "nitrogen" added to all its grades of gasoline, to help keep your engine clean.

Which reminds me that the most dangerous additive to a car is a driver with a lead foot.
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
pondedaniel escreveu:[...]

Do you get around town by car or by plane?
By car or by bus. I recollect having filled the tank of my car (a Chevrolet small job) with Petrobrás' premium-type gas called "Podium." I did it a couple of times. Petrobrás rates its "Podium" type gas as one of the finest gas in the world.

Now, I have this question: does the fine, high octane gas F-1 race cars use have a special designation?

(Did I miss something?)

Thank you.
timphillips 10
British English - petrol
I remember a star rating system (octane) in the UK some years ago
Four star petrol
Two star petrol
I don't know the current situation though.
(I've been an ex-pat for too long)