Como dizer "Linha de raciocínio" em inglês

Como dizer "Linha de raciocínio" em inglês
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Sugestões: Train of thought; Chain of thought; Stream of thought

The train of thought or stream of thought refers to the interconnection in the sequence of ideas expressed during a connected discourse or thought, as well as the sequence itself, especially in discussion how this sequence leads from one idea to another. (Wikipedia)

- I’ve lost my train of thought. (Perdi minha linha de raciocínio)
- This stream of thought has given rise to philosophies like existentialism, postmodernism, and deconstructionism. (Essa linha de raciocínio ajudou a fomentar filosofias como existencialismo, pós-modernismo e desconstrucionismo)
- I guess he’s lost his stream of thought. (Acho que ele perdeu sua linha de raciocínio)
- What do you usually do when you lose your chain of thought? (O que você costuma fazer quando perder a sua linha de raciocínio?)

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"I guess he’s lost his stream of thought."

The 's' here stands for 'has' not for 'is'. It's Present Perfect.

I guess he has lost his stream of thought.
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My suggestion:

Line of reasoning.