Como dizer "Minha ocupação é estudar" em inglês

Minha ocupação é estudar durante a manhã e a tarde eu faço cursos e no meu tempo livre eu aproveito para jogar

Alguém traduza essa frase para o inglês pra mim?

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Yes, you could. If you are speaking of repeated activities which started at a particular time in the past, there is, you can identify in which time it started.
In that case, we are talking about two different notions, but then you are right, should we stray from the initial question. I mean, we are both right, only that I was considering the other situation. It was in terms of repeated activity, but no need of a particular time in the past.
We are open for more opinions on this one, though. ;)

But answering your previous question, yes, you could say " I've been studying during the morning, taking classes at noon and playing something in my free time." in other context.
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My job is studying, I have classes in the morning, afternoon, and at night. In use my free time to play video game/to play soccer etc.

You could also replace some parts:

...I spend my free time playing soccer.
...In my free time I play soccer/I play video game...etc.

And there are other ways, let´s the EE members chime in!

Ah! and in a form "occupation" would be Student, so if someone could ask you "How do I fill out that form, since my occupation is student?" (or in spoken English ''since I am a student?")
Hi, Paulo! How are u doing?

So I think you could say that like: " I've been studying during the morning, taking classes at noon and playing something in my free time. "

I hope this helps!
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I´m gr8t (meaning I am great), thanks.

And no, I couldn´t say that in English if I wish to express repeated actions (or an habit), which is the case.
Your example looks like (or close to)the present perfect progressive, that would called for if there was the question "how long have you been...?''.
Since, the action repeats in a regular basis, it´s habitual - simple present.


As for "my job is studying" studying is not a verb there, it´s a subject. So, in this case the gerund has the same function as noun, altough it looks like a verb.

The same happens in the following sentences:
Eating people is wrong.
Driving too fast is dangerous.
Walking is good for you.
Your knitting it beautiful.
PPAULO, I think you're wrong buddy because you can use the present perfect continuous to talk about repeated activities which you have started in the past (at a particular time) and you still have been doing it till now ya.
So if you wanna talk about repeated continuing events, you can use the present perfect continuous perfectly!
Look over ... en-working and you will find what I'm talking about.

Have a good day!