Como dizer "Ou foi só impulso?" em inglês

-Você precisava realmente do notebook, ou foi só impulso?
-Acho que foi impulso. Eu só queria uma versão mais nova.

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Henry Cunha 3 17 182
--Or was it just spur-of-the-moment / impulse buying?
--I think it was spur-of-the-moment / compulsive.

There is a difference between impulsive and compulsive, but I keep flipping between them erratically. Don't ask me.
A compulsive person suffers from compulsion ( a disease/disoder that makes them fell a strong pressure to do something that they do not want to do).
Everyone has occasionally been tempted to do something out of the ordinary, or inappropriate, or even something that breaks the law. However, most of us are able to resist these impulses.

But people who suffer from OC spectrum disorders find it impossible to resist urges to behave in a way that they know is ultimately harmful, either to themselves or to others. ... trol.shtml

An impulsive person is just a person who does things without thinking,or on an impulse.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
- Did you really needed that notebook or you just bought it on a whim?
- Hmm, you are right, I didn´t think it much of it at the time. I think I just wanted a novelty/it was just for novelty´s sake.
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