Como dizer "primeiro acidente de automóvel" em inglês

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first motor vehicle accident = primeiro acidente de veículo motorizado; primeiro acidente de automóvel, primeiro acidente de veículo automotor
first car accident = primeiro acidente de automóvel

The 31st August also marks the anniversary of the first motor accident victim in history.
O 31 de Agosto marca também o aniversário da primeira vítima de acidente de automóvel da história ... 011/1.html

Mary Ward (27 April 1827 – 31 August 1869) was an Anglo Irish amateur scientist who was killed when she fell under the wheels of an experimental steam car built by her cousins. As the event occurred in 1869, she is the world's first known fatal motor vehicle accident victim.
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It worth noticing that "anniversary" is a date when something important and it is noted in some way every year (or even from time to time).

The day someone is born is "birthday".
Just for the newbie´s sake, the ones wet behind the ears, just like me. ;)