Como dizer “Reflexo – fazer reflexo no cabelo” em inglês

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Quem gosta de se produzir para sair, fazer reflexo no cabelo e sobrancelha, usar piercing e perfume importado.

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Luzes, reflexos = hair highlights
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Also dyeing/coloring/changing the color their tresses/hairs etc.

To highlight one´s hair is kind of coming in vogue these days, though. Since when women go to the hair stylist these days, they want some kind of "lights" effect. By "streaking them with some sort of tone on tone", such as "hombre hair" (ombré hair), for example or any other kinds of highlighting.

As the colours are now more "vivid/bright" (even shadows are more so) ... dows_1.jpg

...then "highlighting", which was then considered a coloring technique, is now considered as the dyeing itself.

In this way, there is ordinary highlights, black highlights, brown highlights or blonde highlights, and so on and on... ... em-7082880
You can say: I'm getting highlights in my hair or I'm getting my hair highlighted.. see ya