Como dizer "Ser do contra, é do contra" em inglês

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Português: ser do contra, é do contra, são do contra
Inglês: like to contradict people

Exemplos de uso:
  • He likes to contradict people.
  • Ele é do contra.
  • She really likes to contradict people.
  • Ela é do contra.
  • You like contradicting people.
  • Você é do contra.
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To go against the grain:
to do something that is the opposite of what is usually done. It's not easy to go against the grain and buy stocks when others are selling them.

A person who does things in an unconventional manner, especially if their methods are not generally approved of, is said to go against the grain. Such an individual can be called a maverick.

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Thomas 14750 7 59 287
They like to make waves.
They are trouble makeres. (often said in jest)

A devil's advocate finds flaws in planning and thinking, making people consider alternatives if things go wrong. A good devil's advocate can be very useful and helpful because he makes people think. And what if....?

Donay Mendonça 62310 22 99 1511
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  1. Or maybe you're a contrarian, and don't want to be seen in the same costume anyone else is wearing.
  2. He's a "contrarian", if something is logical he won't believe it just because everyone else believes it and he wants to be a unique little snowflake.
  3. They're both independent. They both don't stick to the conservative line. They're contrarians.
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Rakell Grubert Pere 3405 3 6 66
How about "to be a contrary person"?

Contrary- adjective (NOT REASONABLE) :describes a person who wants to disagree with and annoy other people:
He doesn't really mean it - he's just being contrary.
A contrary person tries to be different from other people or does not often agree with others.

Fontes: Cambridge Dictionaries Online; wikitionary; Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries ... contrary_3 ... contrary_3

PPAULO 57805 6 43 1029
I am afraid not, Rakell. Just saying one is a "contrarian" do the trick.
It follows some excerpts from the LA Times just to make the point.

16/04/2013 - Quentin Kopp has always been a contrarian, as a Superior Court judge, a San Francisco supervisor and a state senator.

Patt Morrison Asks - › News › Editorials‎Traduzir esta página
But then again, he's always been a contrarian, as a Superior Court judge, a San Francisco supervisor and a state senator. He also headed the California ...

4 dias atrás - Review: Wayward pace tarnishes 'Copperhead'. 'Copperhead' takes a contrarian's view of history, which might have worked if not for a poor ...

Contrarian critics - Los Angeles Times - Traduzir esta página
31/12/2007 - There are critics who are in your corner, sticking their necks out to offer contrarian takes on some of 2007's most beloved films.

But as the outrage revs into high gear, let me offer a contrarian perspective: As inept as the IRS may have been in the way they processed applications for ...

'Little' Al Robles' big job: Make his own name in politics - ... .‎Traduzir esta página
14/06/2013 - Robles had a contrarian streak early on. A punk rock aficionado and follower of the band Fishbone, he described becoming apoplectic when he ...

Politics news, photos and video - - Los Angeles Times › Topics › Politics‎Traduzir esta página
Items 13 - 24 of 147289 - Or they may not. It depends on whose figures you believe: nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor's or contrarian Gov. Jerry Brown's.

Rebecca Campbell looks back - ... .‎Traduzir esta página
01/03/2009 - I'm sort of a contrarian. At UCLA people were allergic to painting, especially figurative painting, so I was like, "Perfect!" Once I got away from ...

Rakell Grubert Pere 3405 3 6 66
PPaulo, I'm not talking about "contrarian", I suggested one of the meanings of "CONTRARY" the adjective. Please check the links.

PPAULO 57805 6 43 1029
Ah, now I get it. Excuse me, Rakell. That´s why they say women are better at languages, and I am not going to be the contrarian one here, ha ha.

Now seriously speaking, I had never run into that kind of aception, say, adjective.
There are always a first, you know, and I am proud it was you that pointed it out.

clessiusfarago 20
Uma outra sugestão. "Naysayer" Naysayer n (person who is negative about [sth]) contraditor, refutador sm
pessoa do contra loc smf

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