Como dizer "seu filho é lindo" em inglês

Como dizer seu filho é lindo em inglês?

No caso é um menino de uns 10 anos, qual adjetivo eu uso, beautiful?

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Swarmfire 2 19
Your son is cute - (algo mais infantil, e beautiful pelo menos no inglês americano não é um adjetivo usado para meninos - soa estranho).

Your son is so cute (o so dá ênfase ao adjetivo).
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Yours is a lovely baby!
Your baby is a lovely child!
Your baby is so beautiful/the most beautiful baby, ever!
You´ve got a pretty baby!
You´ve got the cutest baby, ever!

Kids older than 5, or past toddler time.

You´ve got a lovely child/son/girl. (lovely adorável, e depois poderia usar mais adjetivos que lhe pareçam adequados à criança) – LOVELY would do to both, girls or boys.

You're getting so big.
That's a cool toy you've got there." ... kids-16010
By the way an interesting article on complimenting and how some parents are sensitives about the “beautiful/pretty” stuff. Because it could convey the idea of "appearance comes first" in our world.

You´ve got a nice/amazing child!
Oh, what a nice child!

Sometimes complimenting the parents would do good as well, so additionally “ are doing a good job! See how energetic/happy, pat yourself on the back” (there´s no fixed for small talk, so this is just a suggestion, could be other things that might come up at the time).

I must admit your question caught me almost off-guard, he hee. I think I really have to learn more about complimenting. The first goes for your question, an interesting subject indeed!

This is just a kick-off. Now the ball is on the experts' court, I know there´s more to come up. Let´s just wait a little bit. ;-)
Leonardo96 15 237
If you go with "lovely" it would be better if you use "looks" instead of "is", though (Your son looks lovely). If you put it the way you did it might imply you're talking about his personality rather than his appearance. Also even if you use "looks" it might come off as if you're talking about the way he looks for a certain event/situation, like when you compliment the way one is dressed for a wedding. Particularly I would just say "your son is so cute/beautiful."
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
I think "your son is lovely/is a lovely child" is almost a fixed expression sometimes, obviously, it would be said to the mother/parent. Anyway, both ways could be used, every parent would be receptive in away. With "lovely" it could serve to both, girls and boys as well.
In fact, I would be glad to see my children receiving any kind of compliment, one way or the other. ;-)
Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
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