Como dizer "tom da conversa" em inglês

Podem me ajudar na expressão "o tom da conversa" em inglês?

Ele percebera que o tom da conversa agora era outro.
Aos poucos o tom da conversa foi ficando mais tenso e as pessoas ao redor começaram a olhar para eles.
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The tone of his voice got changing and changing, becoming harsh, and with that it attracted unwanted attention.

Gradually a quiet exasperation crept into his voice, enough to attract attention (and perhaps other feelings - abhorrence, apprehension, inquietude, worry, etc.).

I could say that "while people around us stared with a questioning looks.", but the very fact of attracting attention convey that.
And somehow, one could think one of the parties from ones in the harsh conversation/discussion would have to look around (albeit a sideway look, to feel that.)