Como dizer "Vai descer, motorista!" em inglês

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Como dizer isso em inglês, quando o ônibus não para na sua parada e você precisa gritar: "Vai descer, motorista!"?

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Shall we take a good look on the senteces we could say to the driver?

Impolite way of speaking:

You should use the following sentences when you do not have enough time to tell the driver that you need to get off somewhere or when you realize the driver is missing the stop. Pay attention to the way you speak otherwise the driver will get scared or be offended to your rudeness.

1. Pare!
>> Stop!

2. Abra a porta agora!
>> Open the door now!

3. Vou descer aqui!
>> (I am) getting off! *

Polite way of speaking:

1. Vou descer aqui, senhor(a) motorista!
>> I will get off here, Mr. (Ms.) driver!

2. Eu preciso descer aqui!
>> I need to get off here

3. Pare, por favor
>> Stop please!

Many buses have a cord you can pull that makes a sound. This sound lets the bus driver know that he or she needs to stop at the next bus stop. If the bus you are riding doesn't have a buzzer or bell, you can tell the bus driver a little while before you reach the stop where you need to get off. You could say:

4. Por favor, vou descer na Fifth Avenue.
>> Please stop at Fifth Avenue

5. Eu preciso descer no próximo ponto de ônibus, por favor.
>> I need to get off at the next stop please

6. Próximo ponto / parada, por favor.
Vou descer no próximo, por favor.

>> Next stop please!

* Although you might call out "Next stop, please!", it would be a little odd on most American buses. If the bus had already stopped, but you were not able to get to the door in time before the driver began to pull away, you would have called out "Getting off!" - the last sentence would be not so impolite to say. It all depends on the way you speak.

7. Com licença, poderia parar aqui?
>> Excuse me, could you stop here?

You will face many situations when you are on a bus, however, if a driver passes your stop either because they didn't notice your request or because you didn't realize that you needed to signal that you wanted the bus to stop, you can call out the short sentences above adding "please". You have already noticed that it will keep you from being rude but do not expect the driver will stop because sometimes they can't or won't for some reason.

City buses often stop only at stops where people are waiting for the bus, or where passengers have indicated they want to get off. This shortens the time a bus ride takes. Anyway, if you look on the bright side, it will be good for you to take a little walk. I believe your heart will take it with no problems. So, there is no problem when the drive misses the stop :) I'm just kidding!

8. Por favor, me avise quando chegarmos à prefeitura.
>> Please let me know where we the Main Hall is.

9. Por favor, me leve até o ponto de ônibus da prefeitura.
Por favor, eu vou descer no ponto de ônibus da prefeitura.
>> Please let me off at the Main Hall stop.

One more thing: do not feel embarassed if the driver do not understand what you say at a first time. You can learn from your mistakes and, most of the time, the funny ones will certainly help you to make new friends.

Yes! The other passengers, ok?

And do not forget to say to the driver, regardless of his / her answer: "Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening!" and "Thanks for the safe trip!".

You can make someone's day better with small steps. It is up to you to put them into practice.

You should read: GET OFF.

I don't know the reason but I can't get the sentence "One more thing" out of my head. Lol :)

I hope we've helped.

So long,