Como dizer "visão idealizada" em inglês

Good evening, everyone! :)
I wonder if there is an especific expression for "visão idealizada".
Thank you!
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A utopia is an idealized vision of a society which represents in some significant ways a major improvement over that of at least the writer and the intended readers.

From the book - The Utopian Vision of H.G Wells.

''utopian vision" itself could be translated into "visão idealizada" to a certain degree.
And "visão idealizada" de alguma coisa, no caso acima de uma sociedade a qual representa...
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Other example:

Until the Great Depression, most economists clung to a vision of capitalism as a perfect or nearly perfect system. That vision wasn’t sustainable in the face of mass unemployment, but as memories of the Depression faded, economists fell back in love with the old, idealized vision of an economy in which rational individuals interact in perfect markets, this time gussied up with fancy equations.
Thank you, PPAULO!