Como dizer "vôlei, voleibol" em inglês

Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 56255 22 92 1341

Volleyball: vôlei, voleibol

I don't like to play volleyball.

Bons estudos.
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I couldn't agree more! The brazilian volleyball is the best of the best! :mrgreen:
I just feel sorry about the last world league (too bad :( )... and I miss Ricardinho since he'd been gone... :roll: The best brazilian lifter ever!!! 8-)

See ya!
Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 56255 22 92 1341
Thank you.
Hi Donnay...
Yeah, I agree with you about the probably reason of the Ricardinho's leave... but I still miss him so much! :mrgreen: With faith, the volleyball's guys will win this time around, they are good (veeeery good), but as every normal people were tired!
And I really hope the soccer time bring to us the first gold medal... maybe this time! By the way, I love to follow the Olympic Games... it's a good season! :mrgreen:

See ya soon!