Comparative: this one x that one

pampam 10
Hello everybody,

Estou com uma dúvida quanto ao uso do comparativo com "this one" and "that one" utilizando cores. Posso utilizar assim??

That pair of black shoes are bigger than this blue one.

These blue tennis shoes are cleaner than that green one.

Poderiam me ajudar, esclarecer, ajudar? rsrsrs... Help meeeee, please!! Apontar os erros?

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PPAULO 53115 6 42 956
That pair of black shoes are is bigger than this blue one.

I think it would be more natural to say "bigger than the blue one" (unless there is an assortment of blue shoes, or shoes of other colour, for that matter. But it´s a matter of choice of words, there´s not grammatically wrong with "this blue one" if you are near it.

Notice that the "pair of black shoes" is "one pair" so the verb to go with is to be, "is" in this case.
Also notice that you used ''that pair of black shoes", if it´s "that" then it would be along with "is".

These blue tennis shoes are cleaner than that green one.

To me the sentence is a bit imperfect as it is, with "these" you are comparing a pair of blue tennis shoes, or several blue tennis shoes (it´s not specified in the sentence if it´s a pair, but we can assume that, though.).

Again, "these" goes with "are", and since you were talking about "shoes" in the beggining you might have put "green ones" at the end of the sentence.

The logic/reasoning behind it is:
Step #1 - "blue tennis shoes" (plural, hence the "these" there.) Then, it would be compared with the "green ones".

Step #2 - Forcibly, if in the sentence you have "green ones". Then the demonstrative pronoun would be "those" (plural of "that"), of course, if we maintain the contrast "things near" versus "not near us", wich seems like being a pattern kept from the first sentence on.

Thus, the final sentence would be:
These blue tennis shoes are cleaner than those green ones.

I hope I have clarified your doubt. ... -and-those

pampam 10
It was perfect for me!! You patiently explained ALL my questions and I'm very grateful with your help!!
Nooooow I understood everything!!

Thanks a lot !! :D

PPAULO 53115 6 42 956
So glad that it helped! thanks for your warm feedback. ;)

Gilson Roberto 310 1 7
Paulo, congrats for your nice explanation !

Eu gostaria apenas de acrescentar um comentário sobre o uso do " this one and that one" nessas condições.

Pampam, rs ...

... se você está tocando o objeto que é comparado com aquele outro que agora não está obviamente com ele nas mãos, eu usaria o " this one " justamente por este objeto estar em suas mãos, seria o ESTE AQUI rs no nosso cotidiano. Se vc compara o ESTE AQUI (this one) com aquele que está à um metro de você e portanto não está tocando, seria THAT ONE, aquele ali, aquele lá.

That blue one, você não está tocando : Aquele azul
This blue one : ao seu alcance, este azul

Em uma loja comprando pares de tennis, com um par na mão eu falaria assim : This blue one is more expensive than that red one.

See ya !