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This movie was extraordinary wonderfull, I liked the lates movie the best, when I was just a kid I used to watch with my dad jurassic park, I used to watch endlessly, the histories of the movies scintifiky are perfect, the movie which was launched this year really move with our feelings, there is a part of the movie where the dinosaur diplodocus was daying cause of the transgenic dinosaur, that dinosaur was mixed by velociraptor and t-rex, that scene was really sad to see and i almost cried, I love animals and i'm really sensitive by them, the special effects were perfects, unfortunatly many dinosaurs dyied, but the ending the movie was awesome, the velociraptors were so loyol with their human friend and foght vs the dinosaur transgenic, then the t-rex came to strugge against the transgenic dinosaur, they were losting but the marine dinosaur took the transgenic dinosaur and drowned her, I loved the actors of this movie and the history, I'm studying biology by graduation and i want also to become paleotologiest...
thank you guys for correct me, you people saw how i need help kkkkk....huuugs

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This movie was extraordinarily wonderful( ), I much preffer the like the old ones (old versions of it)/I like the old ones.
I used to watch Jurassic Park with my dad when I was a kid.
I used to watch time and again (many times, here) /with interest [both ways -in bold- I would use, instead of "endless"], in different senses, of course.
the histories [scripts? plots?] of the movies are scientifically perfect. The one launched this year really get us moved/touched, there is a part in wich a Diplodocus dinosaur is dying because of the creation of the (first ever) transgenic dinosaur, a strain that is a cross between the Velociraptor and a T-rex.
That was really a sad scene I got so moved to the point of almost crying (or that I almost cried), I love animals and I'm really emotionaly sensitive when it comes to their well-being/the importance of their lives, and the special effects were very convincing, indeed.
Unfortunately many dinosaurs died/perished, but the end of the movie was awesome. The Velociraptors were very loyal to their human friends and fought against the transgenic ones; then the T-Rex joined the fight against the transgenic dinosaurs as well, they were losing but the sea dinosaur took the transgenic one, and eventually drowned her.
I loved the actors of this movie and the history, I am a undergraduate student of biology myself and I want also to become paleontologist.

Thank you guys for correcting me, you can see that I need some help. (or - you can see that I really needed some help with my writing.)

This is just a kick-off, a draft, I meant to give some ideas and dealt with some topics (grammar/more natural ways etc).
More comments and corrections are expected and welcome. ;)
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When i wanted to say " I liked the lates movie the best" i would mean "i ), I much preffer the like the new one, the way that i wrote confused you, sorry...thanks for all!
6 48 1.2k
Okay, don´t sweat it! don´t worry, that happens all the time with written texts. Sometimes is easier to fill the gaps, other times it´s not.
Anyway, thanks for letting us know. :)