Correção de texto: Gender equality

I think yes, because it's a way of education and chivalry, many men use gender equality as An excuse for being stupid, like many hypocrites women use to get what they want.

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while many hypocrite women use it for getting what they want.
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I think yes, because it's a way of education and chivalry. Many men use gender equality as an excuse for being stupid, and/whereas many hypocrite women use to get what they want.

hypocrite women [hypocrite - in this case is enough, one understand that it´s a plural, since it´s an adjective specifying what kind/class of women]

An aside note:
Well, I detected only a major grammar glitch. You could express yourself fairly well, but your writing might have meant to answer something, opine about something, there was some kind of "prompt".
The way you came up with the piece of text, it seemed like it came out of nowhere! not being judgemental here, just pointing out that the reader has to know the beggining of the story, and a teacher would want to know.

Say, something prompted you, could be a question like this: Do you think gender equality education should be in the curriculum?
Or something like that.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
Another point is, that bit "women use it to get what they want".
The reasoning is a bit flawed as well, men may use that as well. That, perhaps is precisely what you detected with the sentence "men use gender equality as an excuse for being stupid..."
Yes, because men are from Mars and women are from Venus, remember? So by trying to use "chivalry" to advance their agenda (get what they want, as you said.) they may overdo their hand or (in some cases) be plain simulated, false in their ways.

The point is, if you say "to get what they want", the reader may jump to the conclusion that you mean "to use whatever it takes to get what they want/to use the theory of "the ends justify the mean" etc.

Just a head up, sometimes we say/write something but they understand something else. Choice of words/expressions can help you or may raise some eyebrows! Just saying.