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I did always heard my mather saying that in life we'll need sometimes make hard choices.But i think it's gone soon for me...
I like playing guitar,wonder singing and love music overall.My dream is join my friend's music group,and travel around Brazil together them.But my dad think i must get a place on the college before,as the famous B plan.I really have some fear about the hard musician's life,but i'm so sick of school and feel i can't study anymore.I guess this will be my life's choice,and until now i don't know what is the best one.

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I have always heard my mom say that we will eventually need to make tough decisions in life, but I think it happened to me earlier than I thought. I like playing the guitar, singing and I love music in general. My dream is to join my friends' musical group and travel across Brazil with them, but my dad thinks I should apply to college as a backup plan. Actually, I fear how my life as a musician will play out, but I'm so sick of school that I can't study any longer. I guess this will be the choice of my life and I still don't know which way I should go for.
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