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Considered the Brazilian capital of oil, Macaé is one of the best cities in Brazil to invest in, and is one of the seven towns which are more developed in the country. God has gifted it with mountain and sea within its boundaries.
At 182 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro, Macaé is considered to be a potential reference for investments and recently the town was ranked 4th in a station wide study of quality of life performed by the CIDE Foundation.
Right after Petrobrás was established in Macaé, together with important international companies rendering services to the oil industry, the small provincial town in the State of Rio de Janeiro turned into one of the most important municipalities in Brazil.
According Exame Magazine, Macaé occupies second place in the ranking of the most stable economies of the State and is considered one of the best towns for making investments in the Country. The parameters used for the research were the consumption potential, the available substructure, the population’s good scholastic level and the quality of life.
No doubt, Macae is an excellent option to invest in, and includes a large range of segments, especially tourism, which has received an Embratur Golden Seal, as the most important tourism reference in Brazil.
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