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The 7 types of the Intelligence. What kind of is your brain?

Do you consider intelligent? Understand the seven types and discovery which them it is predominant of you!

The evolution of the concept of the intelligence

During the major part of the century 19 and 20, people believed that the intelligence could be measured, determinate and compare easily by tests, like the famous QI test. However, as the time pass, the QI test is decreasing because gradually it's been noticed that it isn't the most intelligence people and successful people get the best results.

The psychologists and scientists started notice that there were some cases of people that got mediocre results of the QI test, but they had get good in them life because they were determination, disciplined, persistent and charismatic.

But how people consider 'idiots' in QI test could get a lot success?

The answer is simple: there are many types of the intelligence!

According to Howard Gardner, he's a psychologist and author of this theory, there are at all seven type of the intelligence and all people have a little of the seven in themselves. However, each person has one theses types more developed and they override others.

The Seven Types of The Intelligence

The seven types of the intelligence identified in the Howard Gardner's work are:

1) Linguistic Intelligence
2) Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
3) Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
4) Spatial Intelligence
5) Musical Intelligence
6) Interpersonal Intelligence
7) Intrapersonal Intelligence

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Do you consider yourself intelligent? Which kind of intelligence do you have?
For the better part of the 20th century, it was believed/it was thought/it was presumed that intelligence could be measured, quantified, and finally assessed by psychologists by the IQ test standards for example. The IQ test, in its turn, was the fashionable test then, and the one accepted at the time as the measure of one´s brain agility and ability, among other things, to learn and reason.

As you see from this passage, Google doesn´t have a human IQ! It´s a "machine", and machines don´t deal well with nuances and subtleties. At least, not yet.
The second thing we can say from this, is that "you didn´t translate it into English" (wishful thinking or you deluded yourself here - translation requires some effort, some critical reasoning as well).
It can be of help to offer "general ideas", though; as something to begin with.
PPAULO 6 48 1.2k
So, Google is no silver bullet, sometimes it can be a silver buckshsot, though. ;-)
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Type test

Understand the 7 types of intelligence and find out/discover which of them is predominant in you!