Correção de texto: Wind and hailstorm

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Rain, Wind and hailstorm caused damages and blackouts in RS. The havy rain caused flood in several points of the city, as well as many tree falling were reported and the power supply was interrupted. Thousands of residents was affected in several regions of the state. Some buildings had been foofless because of the strong wind. In many point hailstorm was also reported without so many damages.
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One quick, minor correction:

"Thousands... were..."

Others may come up with an entire picture and probably offer more corrections.

By "foofless" you May have meant, "roofless".

My cellphone insists on typing "May" with a capital "M". Simply can't change that.

Instead of writing, "The havy rain caused flood in several points of the city" you might have given "The heavy rain flooded several points..." a try. This simplifies it a little bit.
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And "in several areas of the city/several low-laying areas of the city" as well.

Back to the crux:
Wind - vento
Hailstorm - tempestade de granizo.

So, RS was hit/lashed by "chuvas com vento e tempestade de granizo".
Hails are pellets, that may come in various sizes, from five millimetres and two hundred millimetres, sometimes small and sometimes bigger (and worrying).
They are produced during intense thunderstorms.