Correção Essay: Ciência sem Fronteiras

In an essay of no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words, write a clear and detailed description of your study objectives. Be specific about your field of study and your specialized interests within this field.

I am Brazilian sixth semester computer science student at the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar), considered the best university in my city and one of the top 20 best universities in Latin America. The university gives me a good basis to be one great professional and the potential to learn whatever I need, in the future, about something specific in computing, however I know that not only in my area, but in all it is essential to expand my knowledge and go deeper into the development of new technologies.
First I am going to devote myself to the English course to improve my English and gain fluency, seeing that is the most used language in the world of researches, mainly in the world of computing, because most of the content on computing, whether on the internet or in books are in English, not to mention that most programming languages are written in English.
I didn't know how was the computing area, I had never attended a course before the college so I didn't imagine how to develop a software or a simple program, but fortunately, the first time that I saw algorithms in the college, I've liked too much and I became interested to learn more and more.
A few years ago I've worked in an ONG that helps in digital inclusion where they teach children and old people how to use computers and basics office software. That was an amazing and rewarding experience because I saw how cool is to teach people in need, however, I do not intend to be a teacher or something like that because I think I am not very good at that.
I would be delighted to be able to study and apply games design and development, because it is an area that I like, I've always been interested and I wanted to learn, but I believe in Brazil this area is not very popular and even in my university there are no courses, disciplines and researches on this area. So I believe that is an odd opportunity to avail, because there are amazing universities on this area in United States.
Mobile Development is also on my interests. I am sure that is a very important area for now and the future, because more and more devices are becoming mobile and, in my opinion, have knowledge in this area is certainly something very good and valuable, especially being a subject that I like.
In conclusion, I would like to apply Computer Science to games and mobile development, as I like to program and develop. Learn other programming languages, technologies and tools are on my interests. I am really motivated to engage in this program because I strongly believe that it can improve my academic and social skills. Furthermore, it will give me the opportunity of bring new knowledge to Brazil and be better prepared for the labor market and, consequently, help in the development of my university, my country and my future.
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