Correção de essay para o Ciência sem Fronteiras

Bom dia! Me inscrevi pro Ciência sem Fronteiras e estou precisando de ajuda na minha essay.

Study Objectives: In an essay of no less than 250 words and no more than 500 words, write a clear and detailed description of your study objectives. Be specific about your field of study and your specialized interests within this field.

I am currently in the third semester studying Mechanical Engineering at Federal Technology University of Paraná, Curitiba Campus. I was a Undergraduate Teaching Assistant of Calculus I, Chemistry and Metallic Materials. Until July 2015, month of start-up of activities in United States, I probably will have finished the basic engineering cycle, which includes math, physics, chemistry and fluid courses, thereby, I will be able to have advanced classes and solve real-world problems by combining classroom theory with experiential laboratory exercise.

When I was in high school, I was not sure about the course I would choose to apply, but I always knew it would be some engineering field because I have always had ease and interest in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Without much knowledge about the profession, I opted for mechanical engineering, because in addition to the Brazilian market suffer from the shortage of mechanical engineer, the role of professional majoring in mechanical engineering is very broad.

This course has given me an opportunity to extend my background and it made me be more willing to seek knowledge, with a range of important fields that can be applied not only in my country, but in our world. During my entire stay in the United States, my goal is ensure that the best use is made of the resources that American system of higher education provides me, to acquire and improve my knowledge in diversified area, attending classes, if possible, related to petroleum and natural gas, civil engineering, financial management and/or biomedical engineering.

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering career is very favorable. After discoveries of large oil reserves beneath the country's salt layer in the Atlantic Ocean, the oil industry and development of natural gas resources offer several employment opportunities. I plan to get a Masters degree and this internship it´s a great opportunity to acquire previous knowledge in this field.

On civil engineering, I am interested in construction management and Project, turned to the infrastructure sector. I identify myself with control of budgets routines and management of deadlines and costs, and this is an area that provides an opportunity for professional growth. Another field in civil engineering that i enjoy is transportation engineering, with emphasis on urban transportation planning and operations, and the design of urban and intercity highway and rail facilities.

In Brazil, it has been common engineering working in the financial, like banks or telephone companies, for example. That is not exactly what i plan for my carrer, however there are many great opportunities in the financial market, not only related to the high wages, but also opportunities for professional development and career prospects. If I choose to follow this course, I intend to get a MBA in Administration or Finance, always aiming to grow professionally.

Despite the differences, all these fields interest me. Maybe another options show up, since I have a long way ahead of me. Thus, my goal is explore engineering and obtain a broader view of many field to discover my main interest.

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