Exercício: Texto em inglês sobre Impeachment

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Vamos a um texto em inglês, retirado do Jornal Americano The New York Times, sobre o Impeachment.

1. Leia o texto / Read the text

In the impeachment case, she is not facing [= ela não está enfrentando] charges [= acusações] of graft [= corrupção]. Instead, she is accused of using money from giant public banks to cover budget gaps [= cobrir déficit orçamentário], damaging [= causando problemas para a] Brazil’s economic credibility. Ms. Rousseff, then, is something of a rarity among Brazil’s major political figures: She has not been accused of stealing for herself. Eduardo Cunha, the powerful speaker of the lower house [= presidente da câmara dos deputados] who is leading the impeachment effort, is going on trial [= vai a julgamento] at the country’s highest court, the Supreme Federal Tribunal, on charges [= acusações] that he pocketed [= embolsou] as much as $40 million in bribes. Mr. Cunha, an evangelical Christian radio commentator and economist who regularly issues Twitter messages quoting from the Bible, is accused of laundering the gains [= lavar o dinheiro ganho] through an evangelical megachurch. Vice President Michel Temer, who is expected to take over [= assumir o comando do governo] if Ms. Rousseff is forced to step aside [= sair], has been accused of involvement in an illegal ethanol-purchasing scheme. Renan Calheiros, the Senate leader, who is also on the presidential succession chain [= linha de sucessão presidencial] , is under investigation over claims [= alegações] that he received bribes [= propinas] in the giant scandal surrounding the national oil company, Petrobras. He has also been accused of tax evasion [= sonegação de impostos] and of allowing [= permitir] a lobbyist to pay child support [= pensão, mesada] for a daughter from an extramarital affair [= caso].
Altogether, 60 percent of the 594 members of Brazil’s Congress face serious charges [= enfrentam sérias acusações] like bribery, electoral fraud, illegal deforestation, kidnapping and homicide, according to Transparency Brazil, a corruption-monitoring group.

2. Translate the expressions below into Portuguese

A. Altogether:_
B. Deforestation:_
C. Kidnapping:_
D. Among:_

3. Na frase, "a rarity among Brazil’s major political figures", quais são os substantivos?



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a. Altogether:_________________Ao todo_________________
b. Deforestation:_______Desmatamento________________
c. Kidnapping:___________Sequestro______________________________
d. Among:_______________Entre_____________________________

3. Na frase, ''a rarity among Brazil’s major political figures'', quais são os substantivos?

Os substantivos são> ''Figures'' ''Brazil'' e 'rarity'