Exercício: Texto sobre a Páscoa em inglês

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A. Leiam o texto abaixo. / Read the text below.

In Christianity, Easter is one of the most important days of the year. Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ – the day Jesus came back to life. In many Catholic countries, Easter is a more important celebration than Christmas. Jesus had returned to Jerusalem to observe the Jewish celebration of Passover. He ate the Passover meal with his disciples at what is now known as the Last Supper. He was later arrested, tried and convicted, and then finally sentenced to death. On Good Friday (before Easter Sunday), Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. Easter is a 'moveable feast', meaning the date changes. It’s not a fixed date like Christmas, which is always on December 25th. It was decided in 325 A.D. That Easter Sunday would be on the 1st Sunday after the first full moon of spring. It is only in English and German that this day is called 'Easter'. England adopted the name used for the spring festival Eostre in Germany. In most other languages in Christian countries, (like French, Italian, and Spanish), the word for this day is derived from the original Greek word 'Pascha' used for the Jewish Passover. - Englishteachermelanie adaptado

Vocabulário de apoio:

A. Come back to life: ressuscitar
B. Passover: Páscoa dos judeus
C. Last Supper: A Última Ceia
D. Tried: julgado
E. Moveable: que muda

B. Respondam as perguntas a seguir. / Answer the questions below.

1.What is Easter in Christianity?

2. What does Easter Sunday celebrate?

3. What happened to Jesus after the Last Supper?

C. Mark True or False.

1. On Good Friday, Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus. (...)
2. Easter isn't a 'moveable feast', meaning the date changes. (...)
3. In a lot of Catholic countries, Easter is a more important celebration than Christmas. (...)
4. Easter Sunday is the day Jesus came back to life. (...)

D. Como se diz "Coelho da Páscoa" em inglês?
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